All the world (draft #3) – feedback please!

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My Acts / Pentecost song for our small group has gone through a big re-write, with a different tune in the verses, of which there are now three, and the bridge is gone.
Here’s a rough (as in my piano playing) demo, on which Peta kindly improvised a little flute filler:


All the world: Draft #03 by therealfindo

All the world

Let us hear in every language
Sounding out across the planet
Glorious strains of Your salvation song

Hear the mighty wind now rushing
See the Spirit’s power blazing
Poured out in the lives of Your redeemed

In all the world
Let the news be heard:
For all the world
The Saviour gave His life.
From all the world we’re gathered
Purchased by His blood;
We testify: He is alive!

Now revealed, the ancient mystery
Which the prophets yearned to fathom
Things that (which?) You have long prepared for us

Living water flowing freely
Breath of God now recreating
Firm upon the cornerstone of Christ.

Through the trials upon this journey
Though the world gives opposition
You will keep us faithful ’til the end

With a vict’ry won by Jesus
He will break the chains that hold us
He’s the only one with power to save.

(c) 2012 Andrew Finden

Please let me know what you think  (e.g. singability, structure, thematic & lyrical issues, weak spots etc.). Bonus points if you can guess the passages being referenced (hint: not all from Acts).

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5 Responses to All the world (draft #3) – feedback please!

  1. ejangicomment ejangi says:

    Awesome mate, I like this! I only read the lyrics, but it read well to me. :)

  2. Bobby Gilles says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It's highly singable, and I love the deeply biblical lyrics.

    The only criticism I would point out is the dearth of rhyme in the verses. I don't think it's a big deal — and in fact often songwriters will hurt their song because they think it has to rhyme. Better to have no rhyme or less rhyme than trite words and phrases that only exist to serve the rhyme scheme. The verses are short enough and the melody is singable enough that you can get away with not rhyming in the verses, particularly because you do have the crucial "life/alive" rhyme in the chorus (and the near-rhyme of world/heard).

    I enjoyed this!

    • AndrewFinden says:

      Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback!

      My small group lamented the loss of the bridge, so I'm thinking of putting it back in, translated into a few of our native languages, but it might be a bit long..

  3. Hey there, I just hopped over to your web page thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally browse, but I enjoyed your thoughts none the less. Thanks for creating something worthy of browsing.

  4. [...] was hoping to have my Acts song ready to share by today, given that it’s Pentecost, but I haven’t quite finished it [...]

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