Which blog should go?

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I’ve been thinking that I can’t really sustain two blogs, and am considering going back to one. The question is, which one should I blog at, here, or A Borrowed Flame? I’m also less convinced that separating them thematically was the best idea in the first place. I can afford to be more holistic.

The latter would help keep a kind focus on music, and facilitate moving the focus away from philosophical & apologetic-type posts (though I could always allow some amount of eclecticism). On the other hand, this blog is more established, and the archives tend to generate most of the traffic (though that is rather small in any case).

At this point I’m leaning towards closing this blog down and importing its archives into ABF.


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2 Responses to Which blog should go?

  1. Michele says:

    I love this blog and would miss it dreadfully if you discontinued it. xo

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