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April Fool’s Day round-up 2011

There were  plenty of tricksters on the internet this morning. Here are some of them. A number of major corporations let their hair down on the 1st of April (do they get any work done in March?): BMW announced it's Royal Edition ...

What confidence?

I think the best cartoons are those which use wit and humour to poke our minds and consciousness with deeper issues. Take this one (via @askegg): As Homer Simpson says, "it's funny 'cause it's true", well... for philosophical naturalists at least. ...

25 things he hates about Facebook

A blast from the past – WWJE?

I'm always scared of losing old recordings, but thankfully this little gem that Tim & I wrote half a decade ago, when our church was doing the ubiquitous 40 days of purpose (can you spot the reference?), is still with ...

Atheists are evil… apparently.

Ok, that's obviously not true - I just figured it would bump my hits, and thus my ego. But I get the feeling that some people seem to think it's true. (I did also have fun mocking up this photo) It ...

Opera Spice

This one is surely a cross post with my other blog, but here you go: an opera themed Old-Spice spoof (via Valda)

I know how they feel..

see more EpicFail I generally say the same thing (only, in German) at the canteen.

Honest Feedback

The danger of asking for feedback: Honesty - 22 Words

Victor Borge – “A Mozart Opera” (via johal91a) Victor Borge is a comedy genius.

Sam Kekovich 2010 lamb ad Address to the UN about eating more lamb and Unaustralianism advert (via pillychops)