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(Free) online video, audio, notation and image editing apps

I'm just a little amazed at these web apps. Qarentia pointed recently to a list of 100 top web apps, and these are the ones that most interest me. It used to be that one had to pay lots of ...

Aldeburgh beach


Some new scans

I finally have some new shots up on flickr - some scans from a recent batch of film put through my little Olympus XA while in London:

Capturing Nürnberg

Since moving to Nürnberg a year ago, my photographic output has dropped considerably. There's several reasons I can think of: I walk less, as I rode the U-Bahn and then a bicycle; it was very cold in winter; I was ...

Things Findo found – 5/10/2010

From Sportress of blogitude comes this fantastic photochop work. The original (itself an amazing shot): And then, obviously a fan of the guy on the right: While that is all very interesting and the photo in of itself is worthy of marveling ...

Polling Station

via sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net

Königstuhl, Heidelberg (via Findo)

Photos: Ludwig Olah

5 neck axe?!