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Dalai Lama joke fail

I can't believe he thought this was  good idea.. but glad he tried!

The Kevin & Jeff exchange re: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus video

Given the amount of nasty inter-Christian fighting that's been going on this past week* this, from Kevin DeYoung really made my day. No doubt, you've all seen the Jesus vs Religion spoken word (isn't it just a poem said with a ...

Tim Keller on Kim Kardashian & marriage

Tim Keller talks marriage. It's rare to see this quality of teaching on the issue in churches, let alone national television! Watch the latest video at <a href="http://video.foxnews.com">video.foxnews.com</a>

(Free) online video, audio, notation and image editing apps

I'm just a little amazed at these web apps. Qarentia pointed recently to a list of 100 top web apps, and these are the ones that most interest me. It used to be that one had to pay lots of ...

Online Repository of Atheist-Theist debates

I don't have time to read / watch / listen to even a fraction of these, but for what it's worth, Common Sense Atheism blog has put together links for almost 600 Atheism vs Theism debates to download: Check it out ...

Christian Hipster How-to video

via Stuff Christians Like: I'll own up: I have a bible app, I wear scarves and while I don't have a pair of Tom's I do have a pair of yellow Campers:

25 ways to tie a scarf

This is pretty darn awesome:

John Lennox on Q&A

I can always tell when ABC's Q&A programme is on because my twitter stream gets filled up with people yelling at the politicians on their screens. This week, however, was politician free, a special panel on issues of faith and ...

Two Boys

I really wish I could see this show. Nico Muhly is only 29 and this, his first opera, is a co-commission from English National Opera and the Metropolitan Opera in New York - it doesn't get much bigger than that! ...


And yes, that is a Five Iron Frenzy reference, in case you were wondering.